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question everything

don’t believe everything you see or hear. lies, corruption, cover-ups, and false flags are regrettably more commonplace these days. without knowing who you can trust, who is telling the truth, the only thing we have left is our common sense. i’m not claiming that all of these movies are 100% true, but they provide interesting information we should all consider objectively.

we are the 99%

I hate how the media thinks it can put a label on the Occupy protests. For a big corporation or high profile politician to claim representation of us would be a joke and an outrageous lie. It’s not about being a Republican or a Democrat or a stereotype or even having one particular agenda in common. We are the 99%. Do you know what 99% of Americans look like or think or feel or believe? It’s not possible to sum up into a perfect little media package. The one thing we do have in common is that we are sick and tired of getting the bad end of the deal, especially when it’s from the government that is supposed to take care of us. They are too busy trying to please their puppetmasters - the banks and big corporations. They gamble with our lives, not caring if they lose because they are not the ones who have to pay the debt. The rest of us are left behind to go without health care, we lose our homes, cars, and credit to predatory loans, we lose our jobs only to join the vast sea of the unemployed where it’s more sink than swim. We watch our children get second rate schooling and lose hope in higher education when those degrees fail them in the job market. We have no nest egg, no retirement, and no real Social Security. We are the 99% and we come in every color, shape, size, culture, background, and creed. Our lives, our stories, our problems may be different, but it all comes from the same source. I pray that we can all stand strong and not fall prey to their propaganda.

if you can do nothing else, you can at least spread awareness…

if you can do nothing else, you can at least spread awareness…


“the government has to raise the debt ceiling so it can borrow money to pay its bills”

translation: we need the chicken to lay an egg, but we won’t have a chicken til the egg hatches

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

yeah right…

well said!

well said!

A thank you from Japan

Excerpt from a photographer in Japan that I follow online (he posted this about 2 1/2 days ago from the time of this posting - the poll he refers to is another subject he brought up earlier, asking his readers if they would risk their life to save others, because delivery drivers are refusing to take supplies into areas near the problematic nuclear plants):

Today at 2:46 we had a minute of silence
in respect for all the lives that were taken
in exactly week ago .
so much for the poll .
there are people out there right now
putting their lives in the line.
thank you !

A female worker at the Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco) plant wrote a blog post about the battle to keep the reactors from overheating, saying the brave workers at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant were risking their lives to keep the situation under control.
Michiko Otsuki removed the post on Thursday, writing that it was being used in a way she hadn’t intended.

"In the midst of the tsunami alarm (last Friday), at 3am in the night when we couldn’t even see where we going, we carried on working to restore the reactors from where we were, right by the sea, with the realisation that this could be certain death," she wrote on Tuesday. "The machine that cools the reactor is just by the ocean, and it was wrecked by the tsunami. Everyone worked desperately to try and restore it. Fighting fatigue and empty stomachs, we dragged ourselves back to work.  There are many who haven’t gotten in touch with their family members, but are facing the present situation and working hard."
She apologized to residents who lived near the reactors, but also noted that workers at the facility were risking their lives to place the crisis under control. “Watching my co-workers putting their lives on the line without a second thought in this situation, I’m proud to be a member of Tepco, and a member of the team behind Fukushima No. 2 reactor,” she wrote.
The AP writes that a history of cover-ups and scandals in the country’s nuclear energy industry has left the Japanese deeply suspicious of the plants. One worker was told to alter footage sent to regulators so they would not see radioactive steam leaking from the plant. He went public in 2000 and three Tepco execs lost their jobs.
Otsuki was one of 800 workers evacuated from the plant on Monday. Tepco said it expects workers to re-connect cables that will make the plant’s cooling system work again today, Bloomberg reports. Tepco said that about 20 people had volunteered to help the skeleton team of workers at the plant, as helicopters began to dump massive amounts of water from the sky to try to cool down the reactors. A core team of workers has been rotating in and out in hopes of reducing their radiation exposure.
"I don’t know any other way to say it, but this is like suicide fighters in a war,"

Japan’s Longest Day

While watching this classic black & white film recounting the serious events which unfolded as Japan reacted to the atomic bombings - I find ironic levity. Just as troops are deployed in an attempt to undermine a political move to surrender, the soundtrack transitions into a vague similarity of “nanny nanny boo boo”…

Rules for Art Commission

Everyone wants fast, cheap, & good. You only get two…

fast & cheap - won’t be good
cheap & good - won’t be fast
fast & good - won’t be cheap

6 yrs ago today…

6 yrs ago today…

I don’t always feel like I’m a part of the bigger picture…

I don’t always feel like I’m a part of the bigger picture…